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Real Estate Law

Real Estate Attorneys San Jose

Property is a great investment, but not always an easy one.

There are three factors that make real estate an area that often leads to legal disputes:

  • It involves substantial sums of money.
  • It involves complex transactions.
  • It can involve multiple parties.

We commonly see clients come to us because of issues arising in one of three areas:

1. Property Disputes Between Investors and Real Estate LLCs

There are several reasons disputes can arise in the context of an LLC created to invest in property. Personal circumstances and the business environment can change through time, leading investors to want to get out of a contract. There can be allegations that the individual managing a property for the LLC is wasting funds or otherwise failing at his job. At other times, partners can’t agree about how to move forward with the investment. 

2. Disagreements Regarding Property Involving Family Members

Sometimes a property is owned by more than one family member, as in the case of inheritance. Conflicts arise over issues like whether the property should be sold or managed for income or whether a family member taking care of the property is properly maintaining the value of the asset.

3. Creditor or Debtor Issues Involving Commercial Lending

Private investors in real estate can have problems collecting on their loans. Occasionally fraud is involved. At other times it is just a matter of incompetence or even changing market conditions. In any case, they need help recovering as much as possible from their investment.

How Our Real Estate Attorneys at Ruben P. Ruiz PC Can Help

The first thing we always do is listen well. We want to thoroughly understand your context and the specific facts of the legal matter you’re facing. 

Then we’ll draw on our deep experience in real estate litigation and suggest a strategy that is most likely to resolve your dispute quickly, efficiently, and in your favor.

We take the “efficiently” part seriously. Property disputes can easily turn into expensive, drawn-out affairs. We work quickly and try, whenever possible, to settle before going to court. If we do need to go to trial, however, you’ll have an experienced team of litigators who know what it takes to win.

From the initial consultation, you’ll be working closely with members of our team of expert attorneys. You’ll appreciate our hands-on approach to client and case management. Your attorney will be present through every stage of litigation from drafting the pleading to taking depositions during the discovery process to aggressively representing you in settlement negotiations or taking the case to trial. 

We aim to serve as your trusted partner every step of the way. 

You have experience in your favor

The Law Office of Ruben P. Ruiz PC has resolved real estate disputes on behalf of real estate investors, private lenders, borrowers, commercial developers, and family landholders. 

We’ve represented and advocated their interests in federal and state courts in the following areas:

  • Investor fraud
  • Recovery of Assets
  • Private Lender fraud and unfair lending practices
  • Land ownership disputes
  • Banking disputes
  • Deed of Trusts
  • Foreclosures 
  • Waste of property
  • Loss of Equity

Because our San Jose real estate attorneys have established a reputation as formidable litigators who resolve disputes, most of our opponents opt for alternative dispute resolution as a method of settlement. This is something we use to our advantage, and we ensure that settlements out of court are in the best interests of our clients.

Whether you’re a real estate investor caught in an investor fraud scheme, a dissatisfied partner in a real estate LLC or a family member trying to resolve the disposition of property with other family members, you need an experienced business and or real estate attorney who can protect and advance your interests. Based in San Jose, California, the attorneys at the Law Office of Ruben P. Ruiz understand real estate law in the Bay Area.

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