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Understanding Employment Law | Greatest asset or biggest challenge?

In today’s complex and ever-evolving business landscape, employment law plays a vital role in ensuring the rights and well-being of both employees and employers. A company is only as strong as its people. They are the most important part of any organization. 

On the other hand, it is in managing people that companies face some of their toughest challenges.

These come in two broad forms. The first is to create the conditions for success by complying with all applicable employment laws and regulations and putting systems in place that encourage healthy working relationships. This also requires staying up-to-date with any changes in applicable rules. 

The second is to minimize damage when problems arise and work towards a result that is fair to everyone involved and helps move the business forward with minimal disruption.

It is not easy to successfully navigate these challenges and thrive as an organization, especially for a smaller company without a larger HR department. The laws and regulations governing employment and the workplace environment are numerous and complex. When there are alleged violations, the situation is often sensitive and can quickly escalate into a major problem.

If you want a workplace in which employees will truly thrive, you need expert guidance and ongoing support.

How Ruben P. Ruiz PC can help

We help your business comply with all the federal, state, and local regulations concerning employment by helping you understand which rules apply to you and what it takes to abide by them. Areas include:

  • Drafting Employee Handbooks
  • Wage and hour requirements
  • Sexual harassment and retaliation
  • Persons with disabilities
  • Worker classification
  • Overtime

We have successfully represented employers in federal and state courts as well as before regulating bodies like the California Labor Commissioner, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and the California Department of Labor.

Receive guidance in navigating other issues that relate to employees, like the hiring and termination process, the setting of policies about social media use, and the handling of employee conflict.

Incidents of workplace discrimination or harassment impact your business negatively in a number of ways. Help prevent them by learning about best practices for creating a safe and supportive office environment.

If you face allegations of misconduct in the workplace, a workplace investigator can help to establish the facts and facilitate resolution. Find out more >

Whatever your needs, we always begin with a consultation during which we listen carefully to understand your situation and how we might be able to help.

If we both decide we should move forward together, you’ll have a partner invested in your business’s success who will work tenaciously to resolve your employment-related issues so you get back to doing what you do best.

We're ready to help. Get in touch today.