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Why Choose Our Boutique Law Firm

We know there are lots of boutique law firms out there.

Why should you work with us?

At the end of the day, the thing that matters most is results. You want a firm that will handle your legal challenges competently and successfully. 

As a business owner, a legal dispute is a frustrating and potentially expensive interruption. You want to get it settled quickly and get your focus back on what you do best: running your business.   

Our priority, then, is to guide you towards a strategy that best aligns with your business’s interests. We help you understand your options and will advise you, but you know your goals and circumstances best. The decision about how to proceed will ultimately be up to you.

We prepare every case as if we were going to trial, and sometimes that’s necessary. But we work hard to resolve your issue outside of court to avoid the expense, hassle, and risk involved. We have a hight success rate in litigation for our clients in hundreds of cases. We know what it takes to defend your interests. 

And yet, results are not the only thing that matters. You are probably also wondering, What is it like to work with us?

As a business owner, dealing with legal matters can feel intimidating, especially if it is your first time. We know the pressures you face and will help you feel at ease, creating a stable environment where you can make well-thought-out rational decisions. We take the time to listen well. We’ll show you the solutions available to you and work together to formulate a strategy to resolve your problem. 

We excel at working with your current team of business consultants, attorneys and in-house staff and other attorneys should the need arise to ensure we get the best possible result for you and your company.  

Our goal is to reduce the burden and stress you feel and come alongside as a genuine partner to support and advise you. We see legal services as an integral part of your success and find great satisfaction in doing our work well so you can focus on building your business.

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“We reached out to Ruben in March 2021 to help us get an easement modification. After 11 months and much fighting with the city, we succeeded with getting the easement vacated. Ruben was quick to provide easement deeds and assist with contacting the companies and providing documents. He even gave immediate attention to altering the document so PG&E and AT&T would agree even though it was unexpected and last minute.

James R. / San Jose, CA


I found Ruben to be very knowledgeable and helpful. After I explained what I needed he quoted the project and I was very satisfied afterwards. I would recommend to family and will use agin if the need arises. Thank you Ruben.

Robert G. / San Jose, CA


“When I started my company, my attorney said I should work with Ruben to get my trademarks done.  He is cost efficient and careful. This is something Ruben does not talk a lot about, but he is a really good business attorney, although he is probably better known as a litigator.  I'm a fractional CFO and he continues to help  my companies - with ideas as well as the legal side of getting the marks locked for us.  Most recently my company had the opportunity to go public.  We completed our IPO in November 2021, and of course there is a lot to do.  Nice to have someone we trust to be part of the solution.  (And, Ruben runs a large lawyer networking group, so reach out to him as well for solid referrals.)

Rick B. / Fremont, CA


“I was introduced to Mr. Ruiz through another attorney regarding a potential litigation issue.  I found him to be very responsive and extremely knowledgeable.  I have some experience with attorneys and his pricing was more than fair.  He resolved the matter quickly and discreetly.  I would highly recommend him.”

Robert P. / Scottsdale, AZ

Why choose a boutique law firm?

More and more businesses are choosing to work with a boutique law firm like Ruben P. Ruiz PC because of the value and flexibility smaller law firms provide. Boutique law firms focus their practice on just a few areas of law, so companies know that they will be working with experienced attorneys that concentrate their practice on cases like theirs.

Being able to work directly with a team of dedicated and experienced attorneys is a key reason our business clients choose to work with us.  Large law firms, usually pair new clients with inexperienced attorneys. This causes a waste of valuable resources because they are learning the law as the go. As a boutique law firm, we will staff your case with seasoned attorneys who have made a career of practicing business, real estate, and employment law.

In addition to our expertise, you’ll also find us to be flexible. Freed from the rigid bureaucracy of a large firm, we can move quickly and offer creative solutions others can’t.

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A Diverse Team

The Law Firm of Ruben P. Ruiz PC is a minority-owned law firm with an open and affirming staff of culturally diverse attorneys, who have both big firm and regional firm experience. Our clients understand that the world is a diverse place that requires different perspectives to best resolve the problems businesses face. 

Our gender-diverse staff has experience with women-owned enterprises and is highly attuned to the unique challenges faced by women in the business world. If you’re a woman with a legal issue as an employee or a business owner, we’d love the opportunity to work with you.

The clients we serve are as diverse as we are, and come from Palo Alto, Los Altos, San Mateo, San Jose, and other parts of the Bay area. 

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Our fees start at $250 for a half hour. If we decide to work together, the fee for the initial consultation will be credited to your account.

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