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What is Real Estate Law?

Owning and managing property may sound straightforward, but there are a lot of complications that can arise in real estate law if you buy, sell, or invest in property without proper counsel and planning. 

But why is real estate law important? Real estate laws cover anything relating to real estate transactions, including both commercial and residential investment and lending, boundary disputes, breach of contract by property managers, zoning laws, etc., so you can see how things can get very complicated very quickly. Avoiding legal trouble in this field is as difficult as it is essential. 

The Law Office of Ruben P. Ruiz has extensive experience in the real estate field. We know the ins and outs of the legal code and have extensive experience with real estate litigation, so that we can resolve your case or dispute as efficiently as possible. Below we’ll answer the question, “What is real estate law?” 

Fraudulent Sales

Unfortunately, fraud is an ever-present factor in the business of real estate. Primarily, if you work with a fund that invests in many real estate properties, it is not unlikely that eventually a seller will be dishonest with you about the property you’re getting. 

For example, suppose you are promised a large plot of land with a building in good shape but find after your purchase that you have less square footage than agreed upon or that the building is not in good condition. In that case, legal recourse may be available to you to regain some of the value you were defrauded out of. 


Partnership and LLC Disputes

When a group of people are involved in the ownership and management of property, it is common for disputes to arise between the different parties. Working with experienced real estate attorneys can help ensure that these real estate disputes do not become protracted and expensive. 

If an investor thinks the manager that their LLC has hired is breaching their fiduciary duty or failing to manage a property profitably, or if family members disagree on what should be done with inherited property, real estate lawyers are needed to bring clarity to the situation and to work out a legal and fair solution. Working with a lawyer during the formation of a partnership or limited liability company is also a good way to protect against future real estate litigation. 


Debt and Loans

Creditors often lose money when they give out loans or promissory notes that the debtors simply fail to pay back. In cases like these, working with an experienced litigation lawyer to fight to recover as much of your money as possible is essential. This may involve the enforcement of a note, mortgage or judgment.  Either way, thoughtful and decisive legal representation can preserve your investment portfolio. 


Picking the Right Real Estate Lawyers

The issues discussed above are the kinds of things you need to be prepared to face when you own or invest in real estate. But the only way to be confident such real estate disputes will be resolved in your favor is by working with a law firm that has dealt with those same types of problems before. 

The members of our team have deep experience and formidable reputations as effective litigators and discerning settlers, finding the best outcomes for a wide array of clients, from investors to family landholders, to lenders and borrowers. 

If you want to guarantee that your investments are safe and protect your property, set up a consultation today with one of our real estate attorneys. 

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