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Most Common CA Business Litigation Disputes

Your business runs because of your hard work and dedication. However, sometimes despite all your diligent work, your business can still be sidelined by legitimate business disputes, misunderstandings, and on occasion the dishonesty of the people you’re working with. 

Knowing your rights and advocating for them is an essential part of keeping your business profitable and successful, but it can sometimes be challenging to know exactly what those rights are. Not only that, but few business owners have the time to focus on a dispute instead of their business. 

To give you an idea of what to watch out for, we’ve put together this article that goes over some of the most common CA business litigation disputes and how to address them. 



Disputes frequently arise when a client or business partner fails to pay your business for a service or product. For example, a client may agree to a contract for goods or services, but upon delivery they refuse to pay.  Depending on the facts surrounding the case, you may want to exercise your legal right and file a claim.

Business disputes like these may be easier to manage in court when there is a well-written contract that demonstrates exactly what the terms of the agreement were. This makes it more straightforward to demonstrate that the other party was in violation of those specific terms. 

However, in California, oral contracts are binding too, and this can help you recoup some of your losses in court if an agreement goes wrong. For the best possible outcome, talking to a lawyer when dealing with verbal contracts is essential. We will review your case at Ruben P. Ruiz PC to ensure your contract is valid. 



Another common source of legal battles is negligent or malicious corporate mismanagement by company officers and managers. When corporate officers breach their fiduciary duty to manage company assets responsibly, you have legal recourse against them. 

We have discussed how mismanagement can affect real estate owners and investors in particular in this article


Partnership Disputes

Hired managers aren’t the only people whose failure to abide by their contract can hurt your business. Even business partners can enter into disputes that can have to be resolved in court. 

Sometimes the breach of contract or a fiduciary duty can lead to a partnership dispute. For example, if a partner hides relevant information from you, or makes reckless decisions with the company’s assets, you may have legal recourse against them. 


Working With The Right Business Lawyer

If you are involved or think you should get involved in litigation, an important first step is to find a business litigation attorney with experience and grit who can advocate for your interests compellingly. Our team at Ruben P. Ruiz PC has the expertise to win your case in court, and the high litigation success rate to prove it. 

Contact us to set up a consultation so we can get to work on winning your case.

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