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Establish Your Business Goals for 2023

Business Legal Guidance 

With the new calendar year quickly approaching, it is a good time to take a step back and examine your business practices, improve what can be improved, and set new business goals for the future. 

Many business owners overlook legal issues’ impact on their businesses. Making sure that your legal matters are in order is important but also difficult, as it often requires a large degree of specialized legal knowledge of the rules and regulations that must be followed. 

Below we’ll go over some of the most important and common ways business owners can guard themselves against business litigation and some more general legal best practices. 


Make Sure All Contracts Are Clear

Contracts are a crucial part of how businesses interact with each other. Ideally, a contract merely formalizes an agreement that both parties understand and agree is mutually beneficial. However, problems can arise when both parties aren’t on the same page. 

Having ambiguous contracts may make your business partners, especially more aggressive firms, try to get more out of the deal than you initially intended. If your business partners expect more than you’re giving them because of a poorly worded contract, that can open you up to business litigation. 

The best way to maintain clear contracts is to hire a professional business lawyer with experience reading and writing contracts. That way you can avoid the pitfalls that business owners commonly fall into. 


Resolve Disputes Among Partners

Especially as your business grows, it’s natural to take on partners in order to share the responsibilities of owning and managing a business. However, in the course of a professional relationship, the goodwill among partners can sometimes weaken, even deteriorating into outright conflict. 

Conflict often arises over a feeling that one partner is taking on more work than the other or because of a disagreement about how to use the company’s assets. To resolve conflict most effectively, it’s always a good idea to formalize procedures to follow in case of conflict at the outset of the partnership. 

If it’s too late for that, it may be time to talk to a lawyer about your next steps. At best, this means paying an experienced attorney to help mediate your dispute, but a lawyer can also help you litigate against your partner if they have breached their contract in some way. 


Double Check For Fraud

The end of the year is also a good time to check that other companies and individuals have kept their obligations to you. It is around this time that it may become clear that people have failed to keep their commitments, or lied to you about their company in a way that affected your deal. 

If this is the case, and you are trying to get your money back, it may make sense to take legal action against the other party. To do this, you’ll want to make sure you hire an experienced business attorney who knows how to best protect your interests. 


Working With Ruben Ruiz Law

In order to make sure your business is protected going into 2023 against the dangers of business litigation, you’ll want to enlist the services of an established and successful legal team. 

Ruben Ruiz Law is just such a firm. Our boutique size makes us flexible, which means our focus will be on meeting the specific needs of you and your business. Our diverse team and extensive experience make us a great fit for any business looking for legal help. Contact us today to learn more about working with Ruben Ruiz Law. 

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